Testing Center Rules and Policies
22 Jan 2016

Note:  Cheating and misconduct are not tolerated in the Certified Paralegal program. Click here to review policies and other policies for examinees.

The following policies address testing center policies, terms and conditions, timing of exam sections and instructions from proctors.


Terms and Conditions of Testing
Upon login to the testing web site, the Terms and Conditions appear on the computer screen with the login information. These are detailed rules relating to the delivery of the computer based examination. Each examinee must enter their unique NALA Account Number and click “I accept these terms and conditions” before signing in to the examination.


Terms and Conditions

You are asked to agree to the following terms and conditions related to computer based delivery of the Certified Paralegal examination any time you sign in to the test web site. This information was provided to you with your examinee information from NALA.

PLEASE read the following carefully – some of the terms are duplicative of requirements of PSI testing centers, others are specifically required of all NALA examinees.

By clicking “I accept these terms and conditions,” you are agreeing to the following:

  • I have read the “Policy Statement” and I am familiar with its provisions.
  • I will be continuously monitored during my appointment.
  • I consent to video and audio recording of my test session and to the examination of the video and/or audio recording of my test session in the event that any questions should arise concerning possible violations of the procedures and/or rules of the test center. (May not apply to all centers.)
  • I will follow instructions of the test proctor, represent myself honestly, and conduct myself quietly to avoid interfering with the performance of other examinees.
  • I will only use authorized computer equipment.
  • I will not open software programs on the computer provided by the testing center unless instructed by the proctor.
  • I will neither give nor receive any form of unauthorized assistance during the examination or any breaks.
  • I will not bring into the testing room any unauthorized items such as food, drinks, purses, briefcases, backpacks, cell phones, pagers, notes, note pads, photographic equipment, or any electronic devices. If I am observed using an electronic device, including a cell phone, in violation of these rules, it may be confiscated and sent to NALA for examination.
  • If I have questions or concerns about the test environment, I will quietly notify the test proctor.
  • I will report all problems related to the testing center, proctor, or computer delivery of the exam to the proctor immediately. If an examinee does not report problems with exam delivery immediately to the proctor, NALA will trust there are no problems, and there is no basis for complaint after the examination session has ended.
  • I will allow testing center staff 30 minutes to resolve any technical problems that may arise (including power failure). I have the option of continuing the examination or requesting a reschedule of the examination for technical or other problems outside of my control taking more than 30 minutes to resolve.
  • I will sign in and out every time I enter or leave the testing room.
  • During testing, the exam timer will remain running during any unscheduled breaks; therefore, it is in my best interest to use the restroom or otherwise address personal needs prior to beginning my test.
  • I will remain in the test center and may leave only to use those restroom facilities that are closest to the test room. I will not leave the building. I will not access a phone or my personal belongings, except in the case of an emergency. Under such circumstances, I will notify the test proctor before accessing a phone or my personal belongings.
  • I will not remove any written, printed, or recorded materials of my examination from the testing center. The examination questions remain the property NALA and I shall maintain the confidentiality of the questions and answers.
  • I will return all materials, including scratch paper, provided to me by the test proctor when I have completed my examination and before I leave the test center.
  • Once I begin taking sections of the Certified Paralegal examination, I understand the examination, including retakes, must be completed within two years, (a maximum of five additional testing sessions).
  • If the examination is not completed within this time frame, credit for all passed sections will be forfeited and a new application form will be required.
  • Abuse of this site, or non-compliance of these terms and conditions will not be tolerated. Should information concerning abuse or non-compliance come to NALA’s attention, the candidate’s ID number and PIN will be terminated and NALA may take further disciplinary action.

Policy Statement
One of the terms is that the examinee is aware of the Policy Statement. This consists of a review of the attestation each examinee signed on the application form, and other policies related to the exam program. The statement is as follows:


Policy Statement
The Certified Paralegal Examination was developed by NALA-The Association of Legal Assistants-Paralegals and has been provided to the paralegal profession since 1976. The program is administered by the Certifying Board for Paralegals.

Examinee Attestation
All examinees are required to sign the following attestation on the application for the Certified Paralegal examination. This statement serves a reminder of your pledge of confidentiality, and reasons for suspension of authorization to use the Certified Paralegal credential:

I hereby declare that the above information [on the Certified Paralegal Examination Application Form] is complete and truthful. I further pledge not to divulge the contents of any examination question for certification as a legal assistant/paralegal by NALA (the “Examination Questions”) and agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of NALA. Inasmuch as it is and ever will be impracticable and extremely difficult to determine the actual damages resulting to NALA should I divulge the contents of any Examination Questions, I agree to pay NALA as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the sum of $500 for each breach of my agreement not to divulge the contents of any Examination Questions.

I further understand that the CP designation may be suspended or revoked and that I may be prohibited from taking any further NALA exams, including but not limited to any specialty practice area exams or retaking the general certification exam for the following reasons:

  1. Falsification of information on application form.
  2. Subsequent conviction of the unauthorized practice of law.
  3. Failure to meet continuing legal education requirements as required by the Certifying Board.
  4. Divulging the contents of any Examination Question.
  5. Subsequent conviction of a felony.
  6. Violation of the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
  7. Violation of the Terms and Conditions of testing.
  8. Engaging in any other conduct determined by a majority vote of the Certifying Board to be unethical or unprofessional.

Terms and Conditions – Exam Delivery
Prior to allowing examinees to sign in to the testing site, all examinees are required to review the terms and conditions related to taking the CP examination via computer based testing. The information contained in the terms and conditions is also provided to examinees with the testing PIN and ID number, the NALA account number, and other instructions. Each examinee will be required to check “I accept these terms and conditions” prior to starting an examination.


Knowledge Exam

  • The prelimenary test scores will be provided immediately to examinees at the testing center after completing the exam.
  • NALA will provide an official confirmation of test results.

Skills Exam

  • Requires grading by the Certifying Board and results will not be available at the testing center.
  • Results for the Skills Exam will be released 6-8 weeks after the closing of the testing window (February, April, July, and October).

Examinees are provided with failing scores only. In addition, examinees who need to re-test will receive feedback regarding their performance on the exam. This information is provided to assist examinees in preparation for re-testing.

Passing scores are not provided. Successful completion of each exam is designated with “Pass.” The Certifying Board has determined “Pass” is sufficient to designate successful completion of the exam sections and that if a paralegal has met the standard, the paralegal has earned the Certified Paralegal credential.

Results are NOT available by telephone or fax.

Appeal of Results
An examinee may appeal, in writing, to the Certifying Board for review of the Board’s actions concerning examination results. The specific procedure for the appeal of examination results is posted on the NALA web site.

Retake Policy

Knowledge Exam Retake

  • Candidates who do not pass the Knowledge Exam must wait 90 days before re-taking it.
  • Candidates must pass the Knowledge Exam within the first attempt and two additional retake attempts during the 365-day period or wait 365 days before trying again.
  • Skills Exam Retake
    • Candidates who do not pass the Skills Exam must wait 90 days before re-taking it.
    • Candidates must pass the Skills Exam within the first attempt and two additional retake attempts during the 365 days or start over by retaking the Knowledge Exam.

Confidentiality of Examinees
The names of examinees for the Certified Paralegal examination are considered confidential and not released by NALA to any person, except examination proctors, without express approval of the examinee.

Other Certified Paralegal Program Requirements
This policy statement refers strictly to the delivery of the Certified Paralegal examination. It is the responsibility of each examinee to be familiar with the other policies and requirements of the Certified Paralegal Program, including but not limited to, the continuing education requirements to maintain the Certified Paralegal credential as well as examination and testing center fees.

Timing of Exam Sections
The following are the required two sections of the Certified Paralegal exam with the time allowed as established by the NALA Certifying Board:

  • Knowledge Exam – 3 hours
  • Skills Exam – 2 hours (Essay required)

The computer-based testing allows the timing of each exam section to be enforced automatically. Timing begins when the test is released by the examination proctor. When the time has expired, the exam will close automatically and the examinee will not have access to it again. If an examinee has not completed the test, and the time allowed expires, the work completed will be scored. Questions that are not completed will be scored as incorrect answers.

Timing begins once the proctor has released the exam. There are no scheduled breaks during the exam. If a break must be taken during testing, the clock will continue to run.


Instructions for Proctors

Testing center proctors are responsible for the delivery of the Certified Paralegal examination, including providing printed copies of the essay questions as needed.  Questions regarding facilities or equipment should be directed to the testing center proctor.

The NALA Certifying Board is responsible for the Certified Paralegal examination.  Questions regarding the examination content or format should be directed to NALA Headquarters at 6450 S Lewis Ave., Suite 250, Tulsa, OK 74136, 918.587.6828, FAX 918.582.6772, or