Recertification Affidavit Form - CC


NOTE: This form should not be completed or submitted earlier than thirty days prior to the expiration date of your certification and should only be submitted once the 50 hours of CLE credit, including five hours of legal ethics, have been submitted to NALA Headquarters.

I hereby swear or affirm that I have, since my last certification, earned a minimum of fifty hours of CLE hours necessary to maintain my NALA CLA or CP status; the hours reported to NALA are true and accurate; that I have not violated the NALA Code of Ethics, nor been convicted of a felony or the unauthorized practice of law; that I have not divulged the contents of any Examination Questions or violated any of the Terms and Conditions of Testing; that I understand that my failure to meet the continuing education requirements as required by the NALA Certifying Board or falsification of information provided to the NALA Certifying Board may result in my NALA CLA or CP designation being revoked. 

By typing your name above and clicking submit at the end of this form you are agreeing to the provisions of this affidavit.
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