Self-Study FAQs

Does this course qualify for continuing legal education credit?

All self-study courses qualify for CLE through NALA.  For more information on other institutions please click here.

Can you print the course material?

If available, you may use the print function from your browser to print the material. This is copyrighted material and any distribution is strictly prohibited. Not all self-study courses have printable material.

Do you have to buy a textbook to take these courses?

No, a textbook is either included or not necessary for the self-study courses.  

Do I get college credit for completing the course?

No, the courses are designed as continuing education courses and may qualify as meeting continuing education requirements for professional certifications and attorney licenses.  In addition, the courses may be used in the classroom to supplement formal training.  However, the courses are not designed to take the place of formal paralegal training as may be available through a community college or university.