NALA Certifying Board

The NALA Certifying Board provides oversight for the development and ongoing maintenance of the examination. The Certifying Board, NALA certification program staff, and trained subject matter experts, work in partnership with a qualified psychometric consultant to ensure the examination is developed and maintained in a manner consistent with generally accepted psychometric, educational testing practices, and national accreditation standards for certification programs.

Job analysis studies are conducted approximately every six years to identify and validate the knowledge and skills which will be measured by the examination sections. The results of the job analysis studies serve as the basis for the exam specifications. These exam specifications, with weights for each content area, are approved by the Certifying Board. The Certifying Board oversees a continual process of item writing, review and evaluation to ensure that exam content remains up-to-date, accurate, and consistent with the content outline.

Conflicts of Interest

During Certifying Board members’ Certifying Board term, Certifying Board members will not be involved in Certified Paralegal Exam review seminars and programs, or the preparation of written material designed to assist those preparing for a section of the Certified Paralegal examination.

The Certifying Board member shall disclose to the Certifying Board chairperson immediately upon appointment any previous or current involvement in a review program and state the sections of the examination involved. Upon determination by the Certifying Board, the member may participate in exam development activities on subjects in which the Certifying Board member has expertise but no involvement in review programs.

Proctors, judges, and examiners should not have a vested interest (either clear, potential, or perceived) in the outcome of any examination. Therefore, they are considered third-party professionals who have signed confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements. 

Individuals who participate in examination development activities as part of the Certifying Board and/or an exam development committee may not develop or deliver exam review seminars or programs, write or significantly contribute to examination preparation materials including books and articles for at least two years after their examination development work has been completed. Examination activities and examination development include item writing, item review, exam review, participating on a cut score study panel, and other activities during which the individual has access or participates in developing confidential examination content.