Exam Results


Knowledge Exam

  • The prelimenary test scores will be provided immediately to examinees at the testing center after completing the exam.
  • NALA will provide an official confirmation of test results.

Skills Exam

  • Requires grading by the Certifying Board and results will not be available at the testing center.
  • Results for the Skills Exam will be released within 6-8 weeks after the closing of the testing window.

Examinees are provided with failing scores only. In addition, examinees who need to re-test will receive feedback regarding their performance on the exam. This information is provided to assist examinees in preparation for re-testing.

Passing scores are not provided. Successful completion of each exam is designated with “Pass.” The Certifying Board has determined “Pass” is sufficient to designate successful completion of the exam sections and that if a paralegal has met the standard, the paralegal has earned the Certified Paralegal credential.

Results are NOT available by telephone or fax.


Knowledge Exam - 100 points total
2019 - 69 points (exams KJ & ZP) 68 points (exam MG)
2020 - 69 points (exams KJ & ZP) 68 points (exam MG)
2021 - 68 points (exams LS & QI)


Skills Exam - 30 points total


  • February - 19 points
  • April - 19 points
  • July - 18 points
  • October - 20 points


  • February - 20 points
  • April - 18 points
  • July - 18 points
  • October - 21 points




How Passing Score is Established
Exam Score Appeal Process