*New* Essay Grader Pilot Program
30 Dec 2021

The NALA Certifying Board is launching a one-year Essay Grader Pilot Program and your expertise is needed!

NALA is excited to announce the rollout of our new Essay Grader Pilot Program! By participating in this program you’ll get the opportunity to apply your legal expertise while helping to make a genuine impact on the NALA Certified Paralegal Program.


  • One hour of CLE credit issued by NALA per grading cycle, not to exceed two hours of credit per twelve-month period
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Resume highlight
  • Certificate of Appreciation


  • A one-year term
  • One week turn-around time for grading
  • Participation in mandatory one-month training (subject to change)
  • Skills Exam testing windows: February, April, July, and October (or any testing schedule adopted by the Certifying Board)
    • Two grading cycles per twelve-month period totaling approximately 20 essays per year
      • mid-February to mid-March
      • mid-April to mid-May
      • mid-July to mid-August
      • mid-October to mid-November
  • Restricted for two years in creating or delivering CP Prep materials


  • A J.D. degree with at least five years of experience as a practicing attorney; or
  • NALA Certified Paralegal/NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal, with a minimum of five years since the credential was issued

Apply Here, until February 15, 2022