Kenneth S. Buchner
Kenneth S. Buchner retired with over 21 years of law enforcement experience, including 12 years investigating and reconstructing motor vehicle crashes. Prior to retiring in 2006, he was the senior Accident Reconstructionist for the Washoe County Sheriff's Department's Major Accident Investigation Team. In 2007, Mr. Buchner formed Collision Reconstruction Associates, LLC to provide his experience and expertise to legal professionals, the insurance industry and corporations throughout the country. Mr. Buchner worked as a crime scene investigator and narcotics detective. He was responsible at the time for breaking the largest psilocybin mushroom cultivation and sales operation in the State of Nevada to that date. Mr. Buchner taught accident investigations to fellow law enforcement officers and recruits at the High Sierra Law Enforcement Academy and Reno Transportation Commission. He is a Nevada POST Certified Instructor and the Department of Homeland Security. He has consulted for Pyramid Lake Indian Colony Police, Sparks Police Department, Reno Police Department, Storey County Sheriff's Department and assisted Southern Pacific Railroad in grade-crossing collisions. Mr. Buchner has attended reconstruction courses taught by Northwestern University Traffic Institute and the Institute of Police Technology and Management. He continues to upgrade his training by attending several conferences/training classes per year. He is a member of the Accident Reconstruction Network (ARC), Society of Automotive Engineers (SEA), Southwest Area Traffic Accident Investigators (SATAI), and the California Association of Reconstruction Specialists (CARS). Mr. Buchner has testified as an expert in courts throughout the State of Nevada.