Eva M. Merrell, ACP
Eva M. Merrell, MBA, ACP, is a senior paralegal at the St. Louis, Missouri, firm of Spencer Fane LLP where she specializes in the areas of real estate, tax credit, and finance. She presented the CP review course for Real Estate and Property at the 2018 NALA Conference & Expo and has presented various NALA webinars since 2011. Eva authored the Real Estate chapter in NALA’s Certified Paralegal Exam Fundamentals, published in 2019, and has written numerous articles for Facts & Findings. Eva received her MBA from Western Governors University, her BS in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and her Paralegal Certificate from The American Institute for Paralegal Studies. Eva has been a NALA Certified Paralegal since 1996 and has obtained the NALA Real Estate and Contracts Administration/Contracts Management specialty certifications.