Eda Rosa
Eda Rosa runs Eda Rosa LLC, a paralegal service and legal professional development training company. She has over 18 years of experience supporting attorneys nationwide by efficiently managing the caseload process, delivering a trustworthy product with supporting legal research and enhancing client relations. Eda Rosa LLC was founded with the principles that allow all clients to benefit with the same level of professionalism. Eda has managed to save firms millions of dollars with her operational management analysis plans and effective work ethic. Eda’s experience has allowed her to support portfolios with best possible outcomes within the confines of the law. In the process, Eda has established an aptitude for structuring her client’s operations with an efficient approach, while maximizing the tools and staff which positively affects the bottom line. Prior to forming Eda Rosa LLC, Eda was a full-time paralegal for law firms across the tri-county area of Florida. In doing so she realized that there was a need for freelance paralegals and with the accumulated knowledge, combined with an associate degree in Pre-Law, Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Paralegal Certificate, she was able to build a solid foundation through her already established network. Eda is currently a member of the Lean In Organization and Namati Global Legal Empowerment Network. She is very selective in the organizations that she joins and connects with, as she feels that helping others and spreading her knowledge is the best way to fulfill her lifelong goal in making a difference in this world.