Douglas Lusk, J.D.
Doug is the founder and CEO of National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT). Doug first launched the NSLT as a student club in 2016 at the start of his 2L year of law school. The club quickly grew and spread to other schools. Those schools soon integrated the student club into their classrooms to replace the outdated textbooks with the NSLT’s interactive software lessons. Doug quickly rose as a nationally recognized expert in the field of legal technology education and has been a keynote speaker at various bar association and tech conferences across the nation. Doug’s article on “What is missing when it comes to legal technology?” was published in USA Today in March 2018. By the time Doug graduated from law school in June 2018, the NSLT was a required classroom curriculum in over 60 universities across the United States. In July of 2020, the NSLT was curriculum in over 200 universities and colleges in the U.S. and Canada and had individual members in 11 countries around the world. After receiving his Juris Doctorate from the University of Laverne College of Law, Doug accepted his first Adjunct Professor position at Fullerton College. Never one to turn down a great opportunity, Doug also accepted Adjunct positions at Mt. San Antonio College, Daemen College, Salt Lake Community College, and UC -Berkeley Extension.