Daniel Steigert
Daniel started working with International Business Company Formation, Inc. (IBCF) in July of 2013 as a corporate specialist and account manager. During his early years, Daniel fulfilled domestic corporate services requests including entity formations, registered agent representations, apostilles, and annual reporting. Daniel was also able to get involved with the UCC department at IBCF in the little down time he had, so he could learn the ins and outs of UCC filings and searches. Starting in 2016, Daniel was moved to the International Corporate department at IBCF where he started working with many of the world’s top law firms handling international transactions. During his time with the International Corporate Department, Daniel handled many international entity formations for foreign branch registrations, annual compliance filings, registered office offerings, apostilles & legalizations, business licenses, and document retrievals. Some of the jurisdictions Daniel has handled requests in are Mozambique, Kuwait, USVI, Australia, Malta, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Italy, France, Jordan, UAE, and many, many more. In May of 2019, Daniel was promoted to Director of Global Business Development at IBCF. In his current role, Daniel handles all the marketing and sales matters all around the world.