Christy F. Bogart, ACP
Christy is a graduate of the University of South Florida, where she majored in Political Science. She is a NALA Certified Paralegal with an advanced certification in Personal Injury-Auto Accidents. She is also a licensed private investigator in the State of Florida. Christy began her career in the legal field in 2004 at the State Attorney’s Office in Tampa, Florida, where she worked in the busy domestic violence division. A year later, she was promoted and moved to a felony division, where she was an assistant to the Division Chief. In 2006, she was offered a job with the high-profile criminal defense firm, Cohen, Jayson & Foster, P.A. While working in that firm, she was given the opportunity to do part-time work for a private investigator. In 2010, Christy pursued the investigator avenue by attending the required courses at a local community college, taking the required exam, and completing a two year internship. Since 2012, Christy has worked full time for Rinaldo Law Group, a personal injury firm, and has continued to work part time as a private investigator. Her experience has helped her to understand the importance of investigation during each stage of a case.