Hours for Participation in Seminars, Workshops, Conferences for Paralegals and Attorneys
09 Feb 2016

Sponsors: The Certifying Board approves programs for CLE hours on a per-program basis.  Pre-approval of all programs offered by a particular sponsor is not available. Sponsors for CLE events include paralegal education providers, bar associations, attorney organizations and law firms, and paralegal associations.

Speakers: To qualify for CLE hours, programs which provide analysis and interpretation of the law are required to feature an attorney as the presenter or an attorney as a part of a team of presenters.

Minimum length of course:  A program or seminar that offers a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction qualifies for one hour of education.

Types of programs: Hours may be awarded for participation in live CLE programs, including in-house employer programs or training. Online programs may qualify, including web-based live programs, and web-based self-study programs. In addition, hours may also be awarded for self-study of audio or video recordings of CLE events.  Hours are not available for reading articles or books.  See below “Special Experiences” for information about requests for completing training for volunteer programs such as CASA and Guardian Ad Litem programs.

CLE hours calculation:  The number of hours of education that are completed by the Certified Paralegal are counted to determine the number recorded.  Hours are not awarded for session breaks or lunch breaks. If a luncheon includes an educational component, credit is awarded on the basis of ½ of the allotted time for the luncheon provided the subject qualifies. A partial-hour may be recorded provided the Certified Paralegal participates in at least 50 minutes of instruction. For requests for hours to meet the Ethics CLE requirements, the sponsor’s program must state the seminar program included an ethics component and the number of hours of ethics instruction.

Filing requests for CLE hours: Certified Paralegals may submit requests for CLE hours anytime during the five year period. Requests for hours for participation in seminars, workshops or conferences must contain the following:

  • Certified Paralegal contact information
  • Type of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Name of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Event Sponsor
  • Sponsor contact information
  • Event program for calculation of CLE hours

Certified paralegals may submit this information on a “Certificate of Attendance Form” provided by NALA, or complete the on-line CLE request form on the NALA web site, or submit a letter with the required documentation. See “Procedures for use of on-line CLE Reporting Form” for additional information about using this form.

Verification of attendance submitted on behalf of Certified Paralegals by third parties. The Certifying Board will accept verifications of attendance of a CLE event submitted by an event sponsor.  The description of the event should include the items listed above, plus a typewritten list of names of the Certified Paralegals who attended the event. Sign-in sheets and handwritten names are discouraged. If a name is unreadable, hours will not be recorded.