COVID-19 Coronavirus
12 Mar 2020

We at NALA take the health and safety of our members very seriously. We are monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 Coronavirus throughout the United States and will be taking appropriate actions to assist in reducing its spread and impact. At this point, we are continuing with business as usual, but are prepared to make necessary adjustments moving forward.

If you are planning to attend the 2020 Conference & Expo in Atlantic City (July 9-11), please check with your airline regarding any special ticket flexibility they are offering at this time. For example, some are allowing no-cost changes to tickets that are purchased during a specific window of time. You might want to consider taking advantage of these opportunities to ensure you are not financially hit if, for whatever reason, you are unable to ultimately attend Conference in July.

To date, we have not amended our registration cancellation policy. Please be assured that our current policy allows for a 100% refund for conference registration cancellations prior to June 9, 2020. Between June 9th and July 1st, a cancellation will be subject to a $100 processing fee. No refunds will be issued after July 1st. We will notify registrants prior to June 9th if we extend or amend any cancellation dates.

We will provide ongoing updates through our e-newsletters and via the NALA website if any adjustments need to be made in our services in response to COVID-19.