Paralegals as Advocates

Paralegals as Advocates

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Conference recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

This on-demand webinar is based on the speaker's favorite statement from the veterans' advocates' bible: The Veteran, or advocate, who relies on the VA to develop their claim does so at their own peril.

Review the steps necessary to become an accredited agent for the representation of veterans before the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The application process, testing, access to VA records and computer system, and setting up shop. Consultation for veterans filing initial claims, guiding them through the claim process, package preparation, developing claims prior to submission, submission of the claim, dealing with denials, resolving VA's failure to properly develop claims, medical exams, medical opinions, challenging medical opinions, medical experts, medical treatise and their use in VA claims, tactical and strategic thinking and separating the two. Taking VA appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals, hearings, types of hearings, the value of hearings, time wasted and its worth.

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