International Corporate Law

International Corporate Law

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Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

The Basics of International corporate law will teach you the differences between Common Law jurisdictions and Civil law, and the jurisdictions which are Common or Civil law. Furthermore, it will discuss how they affect corporate services. This on-demand webinar will also provide an overview of the concept of registered agent in common law jurisdictions and civil jurisdictions and how they differ.

Specific service offerings will be discussed, as it will help you understand what is available outside of the United States. 

Also discussed will be entity formations and foreign registrations of entities, such as branch offices in international jurisdictions. 

The on-demand webinar will give an overview of the Hague Convention and the use of public documents in countries that are party to the convention and that are not party to the convention. This will provide an understanding of what countries accept or issue an apostille and what countries will require documents to be legalized at an embassy. 

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