How Online ADR and Jury Research Saves Time and Money, with Better Outcomes

How Online ADR and Jury Research Saves Time and Money, with Better Outcomes

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Online connectivity has transformed every facet of our lives. Technology shortens our commutes, connects us with people far away, and gives us unlimited cat memes... yet many areas of litigation remain untouched - and unimproved - in the way that other parts of our lives have. 

First Court has leveraged technology to improve two costly and time-intensive practices - mediation and jury research. 

Online mediation combines human nature with innovative technology to diagnose, evaluate, and resolve disputes faster and more economically than traditional mediation. Our methods have been developed in collaboration with the nation's leading law firms and insurance carriers, and have been used to settle hundreds of disputes across the country with exceptional results - clients save an average of 23 hours compared to traditional mediation.

Online jury research unlocks what has traditionally been a costly one shot dress rehearsal for only the biggest cases, and makes high quality feedback accessible, scalable and repeatable. The impacts can be transformative at every stage of litigation - objective evaluations, targeted witness selection and preparation, 

This on-demand webinar uses case studies to illustrate how legal professionals have used these tools to improve their work outcomes, reduce expenses, and free up time to focus on their highest value work.  

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