Global Rule of Law – Judicial Independence in the Age of Tribalism

Global Rule of Law – Judicial Independence in the Age of Tribalism

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Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

Words matter – the entire world is experiencing a political spasm that goes by various names such as nationalism, populism, or tribalism. There are likewise multiple explanations for how apparently positive trends of globalization and democracy have morphed into patterns of corruption and autocracy. These developments seem to coalesce in a global yearning for strong leaders who at the extreme can threaten the very structure of their governing systems and legal institutions. Regardless of the explanations and future predictions, it is critical for all professionals, and especially those working among legal systems, to be familiar with the impact that these developments are having on the rule of law. Every continent provides examples of attacks on the judiciary, including the U.S. at both state and federal levels. Our review of these developments should lead to better understanding of how the legal system may react to these tensions – it will also serve as a reminder of the professional obligation we all have to public education, democracy, and the Rule of Law – and some practical consequences of our professional commitment to civility.

This on-demand webinar contributes to each participant’s understanding of:

  1. Nature of the Rule of Law and its importance to a stable society
  2. Components of judicial independence and its relationship with the Rule of Law
  3. Familiarity with attacks on judicial independence in countries around the world
  4. How tribalism may affect legal systems in the near future
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