Accuracy of Internet Information

Accuracy of Internet Information

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$45 for Members and $65 for Nonmembers
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Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

This on-demand webinar will demonstrate how to evaluate the accuracy of information encountered on the Internet and thus avoid the costly errors that can occur if false information is used in a legal document or proceeding. 

After completing this course, registrants will be able to:

  • Understand why the Internet contains a dangerous amount of inaccurate information
  • Use a 5-step method to evaluate the accuracy of information on the Internet
  • Access additional resources to help evaluate the accuracy of information on the Internet

Various learning techniques are used to ensure that each registrant understands the material thoroughly and retains the instruction over the long term. 

A handout will be available to help the registrant retain and utilize the skills learned over the long term. The handout contains a step-by-step guide to the 5-step evaluation method and explains how to access additional resources that can be used to check the accuracy of information they encounter on the Internet.

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