Basic Level Courses

A basic level is most appropriate for the professional with little to no experience in the subject area being taught.

This on-demand webinar provides an overall survey of the law of contracts. The basics of contract law presented include:

  • A discussion of contracts in general
  • The elements required for the formation of a contract
  • The classification of types of contracts
  • Parties' contractual obligations and rights
  • The requirements of an enforceable contract
  • Legal and equitable remedies for a breach of contract

By 2040, more than 14 million Americans will be 85 years old or older. As our population ages, courts are increasingly called on to appoint guardians when elderly persons can no longer manage their own affairs. This on-demand webinar discusses the unique challenges of this rapidly growing area of the law.

There are three kinds of crucial traits that paralegals need to have to be effective and help their lawyers. These traits are dependability, flexibility, and durability.

Dependability. We are all part of a big team. Your lawyer, you, other paralegals, your client, court personnel, all one team trying to accomplish a similar goal. It’s not much different than members of a sports team, and what most of us have learned growing up about teams is that we need to be able to depend on each other; whether we are winning or losing. 

Ten thousand Baby Boomers turn 65 every day. As we are living longer elder law has become one of the fastest growing areas of the law. This webinar provides an overview of elder law for those who are either interested in practicing in this area, or who have family members confronting these issues. Find out how to help seniors protect their savings while ensuring access to health care they need.

Gone are the days of "hereto" and "to wit." We need to write so people can easily understand our arguments. This session helps teach you how to do just that.

Registrants learn appropriate interviewing techniques as well as problem areas to avoid as they relate to labor and employment law -  what you can and can't do/ask legally in an interview. Real world examples are used.

This on-demand webinar assists those preparing for the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the Ethics portion of the exam. 

The session focuses on the following: 

  • Ethical responsibilities centering on performance of delegated work
  • Paralegal professional responsibility
  • Professional relationships
  • Client and public contract
  • Attorney code of ethics and discipline

This on-demand webinar introduces participants to fundamental principles of law, including statutory and common law, U.S. federalism, the adversary system and alternative dispute resolution. 

This on-demand webinar assists Certified Paralegal Exam candidates in reviewing for the real estate and property component of the Exam. It introduces the attendee to the historical development of real estate law and the evolution of modern principles and practices. The webinar examines basic ownership rights and other real property interests such as estates, landlord and tenant rights, easements, and restrictions.   

This on-demand webinar assists those preparing for the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the Estates portion of the knowledge exam. 

You can’t take it with you, but you can say where it goes – an overview of estate planning and probate. This course provides an overview of the estate planning process, and how this impacts your clients both while they are living, and when they pass away. We also discuss the probate process.