Basic Level Courses

A basic level is most appropriate for the professional with little to no experience in the subject area being taught.

This on-demand webinar assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal exam (“CP Exam”) by reviewing for the legal ethics component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam. It focuses on the following:  (1) ethical responsibilities centering on performance of delegated work, (2) paralegal professional responsibility, (3) professional relationships, (4) client and public contact, and (5) the attorney code of ethics and discipline.  Upon completion, registrants understand their ethical and professional responsibilities in and outside of the work place including the key ethical principles and

This on-demand webinar introduces the criminal justice system,  including procedures from arrest to final disposition, principles of state law, familiarization with federal criminal law, and constitutional guarantees afforded criminal defendants.

This on-demand webinar assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal exam (“CP Exam”) review for the corporate & commercial law component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam. It offers a broad view of the fundamentals of corporate and commercial law and includes discussions in the areas of: (1) basic concepts of various types of business entities, including formation, management, ownership, public vs.

This on-demand webinar assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the contracts component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam.

NALA’s Mock Trial will include everything you need to know about jury trials. Learn how a jury is pulled from the venire; watch witnesses testify in a trial like setting; see Plaintiff and Defense counsel present statements and motions for the Judge and Jury to consider. See the Jury charged and return with a verdict. This experience will give you valuable information that you can put into practical use in your career. 

This on-demand webinar is based on the speaker's favorite statement from the veterans' advocates' bible: The Veteran, or advocate, who relies on the VA to develop their claim does so at their own peril.

Accident Reconstructionists, whether in law enforcement or the civil arena, have a large variety of tools available to assist in the reconstructing of a motor vehicle crash. One of the best tools available for analyzing vehicle systems during the crash sequence is a download from the Event Data Recorder (Affectionately dubbed the “Black Box” by the media).

Motor vehicle crash reconstruction is the science of determining the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of a motor vehicle crash.

Legal technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with trends and buzzwords. Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning are getting traction. This on-demand webinar defines and explains these technologies so that attendees will have a thorough, basic understanding of the advanced technologies being deployed in the legal space.

Technology presents a variety of ethical challenges. This on-demand webinar discusses changes in ethical rules as they relate to technology. We also discuss ethical concerns and “red flags” relating to the use of technology and the storage and discovery of ESI.