Immigrant workers in the United States are particularly vulnerable to labor and sex trafficking. This on-demand webinar provides registrants with an overview of specific areas of U.S. law and policy related to trafficking to help people recognize the extent of the problem and to identify ways to assist survivors.

This on-demand webinar assists those preparing for the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the Ethics portion of the exam. 

The session focuses on the following: 

  • Ethical responsibilities centering on performance of delegated work
  • Paralegal professional responsibility
  • Professional relationships
  • Client and public contract
  • Attorney code of ethics and discipline

Discussion of new and emerging issues in employment law, including COVID-19-related workplace issues, LGBTQ rights, and the #MeToo movement.

This on-demand discusses how paralegals are tackling many aspects of the drafting process. It also recognizes the limitations and potential pitfalls.

This on-demand webinar assists Certified Paralegal Exam candidates in reviewing for the real estate and property component of the Exam. It introduces the attendee to the historical development of real estate law and the evolution of modern principles and practices. The webinar examines basic ownership rights and other real property interests such as estates, landlord and tenant rights, easements, and restrictions.   

This on-demand webinar assists those preparing for the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the Estates portion of the knowledge exam. 

You can’t take it with you, but you can say where it goes – an overview of estate planning and probate. This course provides an overview of the estate planning process, and how this impacts your clients both while they are living, and when they pass away. We also discuss the probate process.

Everyone talks about protecting corporate data, but what about our personal data and protection? Is it all the same? Are we doomed? Should we just accept that all our information is floating around the dark web? A commonsense approach will go a long way to protect you and your family.

Meetings—we all have them. The bad news? It is estimated that Fortune 500 companies waste 75 million dollars per year in unproductive meeting time. The good news? Most of the factors that disrupt productivity are in the control of meeting attendees. This training helps participants develop skills to ensure meetings are an advantage instead of a disadvantage to both employees and organizations alike.

In the field of Estate Planning, we, as professionals, must be weary of common ethical and legal pitfalls. In this webinar, we will review, among other things, the standards of competent representation, maintaining confidence while admitting to not knowing the answer, disclosure of conflict of interests, ensuring legal capacity, and creating an engagement letter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 11:45am

Over the years, diversity, equity, and inclusion have increasingly become a focus in the legal profession. Law firms and companies that employ legal professionals are coming to understand that to provide the best service to clients and customers, those that work on legal matters must be representative of society at large and the environments in which legal professionals work must be inclusive and equitable. In this session, we will explore diversity, equity, and inclusion and detail ways that you can be involved in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession.