Candidate 2022: Vicki L. Kasper, ACP
04 Apr 2022

Candidate for Area 3 Director

Candidate Question: To be a truly great board member requires having good character, a strong commitment to the paralegal profession, the gift of time, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to advance NALA’s mission. Tell us your “why”. Why are you interested in serving on the NALA Board of Directors? Tell us about a prior leadership experience where you have moved the dial, shifted the mindset, and ultimately, influenced decisions.

Candidate Response: I’ve been a paralegal for 17 years. I’m hardworking, detail oriented and reliable. I’m an excellent communicator and am a great collaborator and problem solver. I have been told I have a great “can do” attitude.

By continuing to serve on the NALA Board, I can continue the work of NALA in empowering, and developing paralegals and improving the paralegal profession. I strongly believe that when you help empower and develop other paralegals it makes the entire profession better.

I believe my last two years serving as NALA’s Area 3 Director, serving on NALA’s Continuing Education Council (CEC), Professional Development Committee (PDC) as a member and Ethics Chair, my past experience serving as president of my local paralegal association and NALA affiliate in North Dakota, Red River Valley Paralegal Association, as NALA liaison on my local paralegal association and NALA affiliate in Utah, Utah Paralegal Association, gives me a strong foundation to continue the work and success of NALA and I feel that all of these roles have given me the experience I will need to continue to be an excellent and effective member on the NALA board as Area 3 Director.