Candidate 2022: Cheryl J. Nodarse, ACP
04 Apr 2022

Candidate for the office of Vice President

Candidate Question: To be a truly great board member requires having good character, a strong commitment to the paralegal profession, the gift of time, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to advance NALA’s mission. Tell us your “why”. Why are you interested in serving on the NALA Board of Directors? Tell us about a prior leadership experience where you have moved the dial, shifted the mindset, and ultimately, influenced decisions.

Candidate Response: Through service to NALA, I gain deep satisfaction in helping other paralegals with their career journey. It is an incredible feeling to be part of the decision-making process that takes a rough idea and turns it into a full-fledged program roll out.

Take, for example, NALA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative. A few years ago, NALA had a basic non-discrimination policy statement, but that was about it. The Board desired to stand in a bold way for inclusion of ALL members, and it was our DEI Task Force that developed a plan for the Bylaw Amendment that created a DEI Standing Committee and a framework for programming to celebrate our members’ diversity. Now, the DEI Committee is continuing to keep these issues at the forefront. And we are only getting started.

Another example: NALA’s Paralegal Educators Special Committee. The Board started with the basic premise of wanting to provide more assistance to and partnership opportunities for paralegal educators nationwide. After the Special Committee’s planning and surveying, that goal turned into action just this year with packages going out to educators across the country and a very exciting development in the works. Stay tuned!