Candidate 2022: Angela A. Oberle, ACP
04 Apr 2022

Candidate for Area 2 Director

Candidate Question: To be a truly great board member requires having good character, a strong commitment to the paralegal profession, the gift of time, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to advance NALA’s mission. Tell us your “why”. Why are you interested in serving on the NALA Board of Directors? Tell us about a prior leadership experience where you have moved the dial, shifted the mindset, and ultimately, influenced decisions.

Candidate Response: NALA has been a very crucial part of my paralegal career. There were several past presidents and other past members of the Board that gave me encouragement to study for the CP exam, to join the LEAP Program, to join a local affiliated association and to put my name forward to be a volunteer on a committee.

I am a distance member of the closest association which is two and a half hours away.  After some time, I decided to run for one of the offices.  I did not get the first two offices I ran for, but I tried a third time and got it and have been on the Board for about six years.  One of my goals has always been to reach out to other paralegals who are like me, quite a distance from a local association.  I have been persistent in keeping the idea open of contacting law firms in my area and further out about the opportunities of joining my association.  Thanks to the pandemic, my association started doing the monthly CLE meetings on FaceBook live and now have gone to using Zoom and offering the monthly meeting as a hybrid in person and online.