President's Award

To recognize the outstanding accomplishments of NALA members and their contribution to the future of the paralegal profession.  

Award Benefits Include:

  • Recognition during Annual Membership Meeting at Conference
  • Travel expenses paid by NALA - per diem (2 days), 1-night hotel, round-trip airfare, and Day 1¬†registration fee

Eligibility for Nomination
(1) Current Active type member of NALA, (2) Must have been an Active type member of NALA for at least 2 years; (3) 5 years' experience in the paralegal profession (current NALA Board of Directors and committee members are not eligible)

Criteria for Selection
Significant accomplishment or achievement through their leadership activities within NALA and NALA Affiliated Associations.

Who can nominate?
NALA Active type member in good standing

Nomination Deadline
April 1


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