2023 Annual Meeting News
09 May 2022

This page contains information for NALA Members regarding candidates for office, proposed bylaw amendments, and other NALA business related to the 2023 NALA Annual Meeting. 

Annual Meeting of Members, Thursday, July 12, 2023.

NALA 2022 Annual Report

Annual Meeting Agenda_2023

2023 Annual Member Meeting Rules and Procedures

2023 Annual Membership Meeting & Awards recording

2023 Leadership Panel recording

2023 Affiliated Associations Annual Meeting and Awards recording

​2023 NALA Election Information – All voting will be done electronically prior to conference. There will be a 3-week window from June 13 after the Candidate Forum takes place to July 7 at 9:00 AM CT to cast your vote. If you are unable to cast your vote during that time you can fill out the Designation of Proxy Online Form. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments for 2023 –

The NALA Board of Directors is recommending, for adoption by the members, various amendments to the NALA Bylaws.

  1.  3.21 (to delete the refund section)
  2.  4.3(A) (to delete the requirement that directors be actively employed)
  3.  4.4 (to add the DE&I Chair as a voting member of the Board of Directors)
  4.  6.2(A) (to delete the requirement that officers be actively employed)
  5.  12.1(C) and (D) (to change the ability to pass amendments to the Board of Directors)
  6.  Throughout the bylaws, to change the term from “legal assistant” to “paralegal/legal assistant”

To read the current and proposed language for the bylaws listed above, click here.