Legal Administrative Assistant - posted 2/12/20

Legal Administrative Assistant - posted 2/12/20

Company Name: 
Hospice of Michigan
FT/PT Status: 
Full Time
Ann Arbor
Salary Range: 
Job Summary: 

Job Summary: Provides exceptional legal administrative support and clerical assistance to General Counsel to ensure the delivery of preeminent legal services and business outcomes. Must be motivated, organized, detail oriented, calm to pressure, and eager to succeed. In strict confidence reports to and functions under direction of the General Counsel.     

Essential Functions

Under the direction and supervision of General Counsel including, but not limited to:

  1. Assists with receiving, reviewing, proofreading, processing, organizing, monitoring, and filing all manner of nursing, hospital, HIPAA, NDA, IT, business, real estate, and other legal and business instruments. 
  2. Assists with conducting legal, business, due diligence and other internet and book research required by laws, policies/processes, and prudent business practices.
  3. Assists with supporting company leadership to preserve and protect the company’s best interests.
  4. Assists with supporting key departments including HR and QC to protect the company’s best interests.    
  5. Assists with drafting, finalizing, processing, organizing, monitoring, and recording corporate filings.
  6. Assists with preparing for and responding to accreditation reviews and/or regulatory compliance audits including, CHAP, State of Michigan DHHS, and federal CMS.   
  7. Prepares confidential and other letters, correspondence, memos, summaries, and communications for review, approval, and dissemination by or through the General Counsel.
  8. Attends, takes notes, and prepares summaries of meetings and calls involving General Counsel.   
  9. Receives, records, and responds to incoming telephone calls, emails, faxes, and other communications to General Counsel to ensure prompt, courteous, and professional responses.
  10. Alerts General Counsel to internal or external questions, concerns, deficiencies, or issues to facilitate prompt and professional reviews, meetings, discussions, responses and resolutions.
Requirements or Qualifications: 

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Associates Degree required.
  2. NALS®, PLS® or CLP® Certification required.
  3. Three (3) years relevant experience required.
  4. Self-starter, ability to multi-task, flexible.
  5. Proficient in reading, writing, communicating.
  6. Skilled in grammar, proofreading documents.
  7. Superior computer skills Excel, Word, internet.
  8. Collegial, creative, curious, and problem solver.    
  9. Excellent organization skills crossing disciplines.
  10. Must maintain strict professional confidentialities.
  11. Must be eligible to work in the United States.
Application Process: 
email resume and cover letter to
Selection Criteria: 
Application Due Date: 
March 12 2020
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